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Do you enjoy working with children? We may have a job for YOU!

Pals Early Childhood Care and Learning Center has job opportunities available at both our locations. Click here or call today to get complete details!

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Our Philosophy
Our first priority at Pal’s is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for your child. We feel that the staff is a key component to ensuring such an environment. A thorough screening and selection process, competitive salaries and benefits, and focusing on continuing education all contribute to retaining a caring, talented, and reliable staff.

Quality staff, appropriate teacher to child ratios, and facilities specially designed for early childhood care and learning all set the stage for your child’s happiness and success at Pal's. We believe that young children learn best by doing. At pals, a structured play based setting provides children with opportunities to learn about their world through hands on experience. Activities at Pal’s encourage exploration and development of a child’s innate curiosity.

Children at Pal's are exposed to math, science, health, and social science concepts in a progression of increasing complexity to prepare them for a successful beginning to their school age years. In addition we believe that exposure to literacy at a young age can contribute significantly to a child’s overall success. Play, story telling, children’s books and art activities provide children exposure to the many forms of literacy.

Once children leave Pal’s early childhood programs and move onto their school age years, our focus is to provide children with a pleasant respite from the daily grind of school where they can relax, have fun, and form bonds of friendship.

We believe that every child at Pal’s is part a small community and that socialization skills are important to the daily quality of life for each child at Pal’s.Our goal is for children of all ages to feel a sense of belonging, where peers and staff respect and celebrate our diversity as well as our common bonds. Finally, children gain a sense of security about their life when continuity exists between home and child care settings. We welcome and encourage parent/guardian involvement in the children’s daily experiences at Pal’s whenever possible.

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